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Get your livestreaming and video sharing solution

What we propose

Our solution

A platform that provides livestreaming and video services. May be deployed as a box standalone white-label product. Backend services may be integrated into existing solutions


iOS & Android

Add streaming libraries to your mobile applications


Admin panel

Schedule and control your livestreams and VOD



Get full access to our backend architecture and services

Content delivery

Share your content through livestreams and video on demand

Interactive experience

Engage your audience

Interact with users: live chatting, comments, animated stickers, emoji, colored messages

Additional revenue

Use monetization benefits

  • Built-in ads: native banners, pre/mid/ post rolls
  • Virtual goods that can be bought with in-app currency

Your back office

Admin panel

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Share and control your content

Upload videos, schedule livestreams and organize your content bycategories & tags
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Customize monetization options

Create your own virtual currency andupload custom goods: emojis, animatedstickers and colored messages
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Use advanced analytics

Access detailed content, user and monetization analytics or integrate it with existing systems
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Manage end-users

Handle end-user grievances and use external third-party services for support
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Control internal user rights

Easily handle user and access rights in the admin panel

Tailored approach

Custom development and integration

  • Choose the core functionality according to your business requirements
  • Add custom features to address your specific needs
  • Set up your standalone product or seamlessly integrate its backend with your existing ecosystem

Technical benefits

Why work with us

Low live-
stream latency

Broadcast live events and recorded video content

Reliable infra-
structure providers

Attract, retain and communicate with your viewers

Multi-service architecture

Enhance your brand awareness and get а new marketing & PR tool

Providers and services

Third-party integrations

Go live and reach your viewers worldwide!

Our team is here to comprehensively assess and address your business needs
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