Livestreaming solution for eSports
What your customers get
features for end-users
Support your favourite players, teams & casters
Custom donations
Communicate with likeminded gamers all over the world
Live chats
Experience popular live events without delay
Ultra-low latency livestreaming
Access past events & additional contents any time
Recorded livestreams & VODs
Learn how it helps
Business value
No upfront fees (YouTube, Twitch)
Additional revenue channel
Analytics on your audience and content
Customized app with your brand identity
Manage everything
from admin panel
Your back-office
Upload videos, schedule livestreams and organize your content by
categories & tags.
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Share and control your content
Create your own virtual currency and
upload custom goods: emojis, animated
stickers and colored messages.
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Customize monetization options
Access detailed content, user and monetization analytics or integrate it with existing systems.
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Use advanced analytics
Handle end-user grievances and use external third-party services for support.
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Manage end-users
Easily handle user and access rights in the admin panel.
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Control internal user rights
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